How to get to Barcelona from airport

Maybe some of you were looking for information, how to get from El Prat Airport to the Barcelona city. Airport is situated in suburban area south-west from the city center. There are several ways how to get to the city which vary by time and of course by price. So let me write little review, how was the options in February 2016, when I arrived for my Erasmus internship to Barcelona.

  1. Taxi – the most comfortable way of course, just take your suitcase and stand before one of the terminals (T1 and T2). Same situation as other airports – really big line of cars waiting just for you. Price vary, should be ~30 euros
  2. Uber – the cheaper version of taxi. Thanks to our stay in USA we can 100% recommend that. Fast, cheaper and no space for thieves! Disadvantage is you cannot call them and need internet connection in your phone. I am curious, how the things with Uber will be because of a lot protest and strikes across the Europe capitals

First two are amazingly comfortable, but not so great if you are traveling on the budget such as to get your Erasmus experience. So there are few other budget friendly ones.


Simple map of L9 sud

  1. Metro / subway – in February 2016 was finished automatic line of metro called L9 sud (orange one). And this is actually the most comfy way how to get to the city for reasonable price. Than you can get yourself to other lines (L1 red Torrasa station, L3 green at Zona Universitária, L5 blue at Collblanc station and L8 pink at Europa / Fira) a from these stations basically anywhere around the city. This is the best option, if you are going with your suitcases. Everything is new, all signs are in English as well (with Spanish and Catalan). Metro itself goes about every 8 minutes until midnight (please check this official web for updated informations). You can you one of the tickets for public transportation.
  2. Bus line 46 – other option is take a bus which stops in front of both terminals. Bus is number 46 and this is quite good option if you are travelling only with hand luggage. Bus is not modified for large luggage and might be crowdy (not personal experience). The same thing as metro, you can use one of the tickets for public transportations. You can buy in tobaccos in front of building or use the vending machines. Bus can take you to Plaza Espanya, where you can catch metro (lines L1 red and L3 green).
  3. Last option is the AeroBus which can take you to Placa Catalunya. This one is prepared for larger luggage. For AeroBus you have to buy special ticket which cost 5,90 Euros (2016), so this is bit more expensive than previous public transportation options.

More info at official website of public transportation provider:

Did I miss something? Or do you have other experience? Please, let me know in comments 🙂

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P.S. Be aware of pickpockets, there are everywhere and you even do not know that they get your wallet or bag

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