Car rental in Malmö

Back in 2014 I visited my girlfriend in Malmö and we wanted to rent a car for weekend. This really short blog post is about our experience. We did not have any experience with car rental so far, so chosing the first one was little adventure for us 🙂

Finally due the opening hours we found out, that there is one Hertz office close to main bus terminal and main train station in Malmö. Office is situated 5 minutes walk from train station, so it is perfect place for start your journey!

Parking spot is just across the street from the office, check the map or ask the Hertz officer!

And finally, how we were satisfied? Completely! We were on students budget, so we chose from lower class car and get quite new Volco Combi, unfortunately I do not remember type. Car had everything we needed, navigation where you can find English (and Czech in language settings), a lot of safety equipment. Office stuff was also nice and helpful. We were quite satisfied with car and we managed two trips around southern Sweden. But that si the different story 🙂 Travel safe and enjoy your journey wherever it leads you!

Note: We do not have anything common with Hertz, just want to share our experience!

Note 2.: Just do not park without parking hours placed at the visible place at supermarket parking spots, we did not know that and we had to pay fine (there is nothing like this in Czech Republic).

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