From Tallinn to Helsinki by ferry with car

Back in September of 2014 during my stay in Tartu, we prepared a trip to Helsinki and Finland for couple of days. Finally, we spend there 4 days. There are a couple of things we had to solve before our trip.

  1. How to get there? We had a car, so we decided to take a car and visit some places close to Helsinki. That was good idea. If you do not visit only Helsinki, this is the best option. Or rent a car in Helsinki.
  2. Which ferry is the best option between Tallinn and Helsinki? This was another thing to solve. There were few companies, which are sailing between the cities. In 2014 there were Tallink Silja, Viking lineEckerö Line (there few more, eg Linda Line, but not for cars). Based on our time schedule (we need to go to Helsinki on Friday early morning) and price (students budget) we decided to choose Viking line. Return ticket for 5 people and car was ~ 200 Euros.
  3. How to get on board the ferry? For me was this first experience with boarding on ferry. And it was not a small one. So I have to admit, I was really nervous, but excited as well. Directions to the port are pretty clear, you can use Google Street View and find directly your line in Tallinn / Helsinki. You can use your GPS navi to get to the port and there, a lot of signs everywhere. You cannot miss that. This is the same from opposite side in Helsinki as well.

Now some facts. I am not sure about distance from Tallinn to Helsinki, but one way was slightly more than two hours. And Port of Helsinki with Suomenlina in front of it is from ferry amazing!

In Helsinki we found whole apartment on AirBnb. To be specific, we stayed here and we can totally recommend it. But all places what we visited I  will bring you in one of the next posts. Just want to share my experience with dealing ferry Tallinn <-> Helsinki. There is nothing to worry about, it was fun 🙂

Viking Line in Tallinn, terminal B

Viking Line in Helsinki


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