How to find Erasmus internship

How to find Erasmus internship? I guess, that this question asked students all around the Europe at the beginning of their Erasmus adventure. If you are looking for internship now, maybe this few tips, which worked for me, will help you. 

I study Informatics at Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Business and Economics. Due to university conditions I had to find a job basically 1 year in advance, because I applied for spring semester and at our university is application process for both semesters together. For exchange study programs this is not a problem, because universities prepare places for both semesters. But for internship, this was bit tricky. Nobody knew what will be next week and I ask for internship place for next year… So, you can imagine reactions 🙂

But somehow I was able to managed it and I wrote this post during my internship stay in Barcelona, Spain 🙂 I tried to rewrite tips, which helped me to find one, maybe somebody will be in the same situation as I was. Of course, ideal situation is, that you decide for internship and you have a job. But now everyone has contacts for that or just it is about last time decision. Try this few tips.

  1. Ask your university International department. At Mendelu this department publish a lot of internship offerings basically every week. If you will not find your dream job, maybe you can get more information from department, where to search.
  2. Google! This is really useful thing and this actually worked for me. It took some time, I found some old offers and just send ~tens emails. Even that the adverts was not actual, this worked pretty well. From responses I chose prefered country and destinations (Barcelona!). Next round was Skype interviews about my professional and language skills. If you get to this point, there is a really big chance to succeed, because Erasmus internship has advantages for both sides of the coin – companies and interns (thank you EU!).
  3. This website is really great source of potential offers. I received around 5 offers through this portal, some of them really amazing. Unfortunately when I get them, I have already found my internship. Just create account and add as much information as you can. Honestly of course! 🙂 This is important, any detail can decide! There are some offerings as well, but this is mostly passive way of looking. But this works as well.
  4. Any other HR websites. There are plenty of HR companies, which are specialized to find you internship. From my recent mailbox, such as (UK), Do you know similar sites? Let me know or add comment, I will edit this post.
  5. And your way to Erasmus internship? Let us know in comments 🙂

Of course there is no guarantee to find a job. Unfortunately there are more factors, which can affect whole process as your study field. But it worth it to try 🙂

Do you like this post? Was it useful for you? Please share it, maybe there are more people, who will find this post important for their Erasmus decision.

Gracias 🙂

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