Best tapas in Santiago de Compostela

During my weekend stay in Santiago de Compostela I struggled, where to find the best place for tapas in the city. And I mean the Best, not prepared shine nothing for tourists, but reall tapas.

Thanks to my AirBnb host Aroa, who gave me this tip, I can recommend La Tita, Santiago de Compostela. Affordable prices, cold beer or local wine and amazing tapas – warm octopus with prawns, Spanish omelette, just anything you want.

Smoking is not allowed insinde, but if you want, you can smoke outside. Sitting outside is possible as well.

P.S. Are you using AirBnB? If yes, what the best tips gave you your hosts? If not, you can start here and give me a little reward. Thank you 🙂

P.S.2 The other tip from my host was about best cafe place in Santiago, because I had 8 hours time before my flight back to Barcelona. After 2 days of walking I needed a little rest. SCQ Cafe, it was just 5 minutes by walk from the Cathedral and 5 minutes by walk from Railway station (bus to airport is going from there). Good coffee, small snacks, fast wifi and comfy chairs! You can sit here basically all day if you want and waitresses are not annoying you.

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