Best tapas in Sitges

I had day off today and it was one of the last day-offs in Barcelona, which is sad, but I am prepare for next adventure 🙂 But this is not what I would like to write about today. During my stay in Spain I tried to taste basically every local food. As you could read, I tried one really good tapas place in Santiago de Compostela couple of weeks ago and today I have another tip.

I visited beautifulcity Sitges, which is about 40 minutes by train from Barcelona. I will describe how to get there in one of future post. But in Sitges I found place, which was called La Barata. I did not find in by coincedence, but it was mentioned on website where I looked for information before. Place is located at Carrer d’Espalter, 21, Sitges. You can easily miss it, because it do not look like fancy tourist places around the coast. But people inside were truly locals and I was kind of attraction. So if you want to taste something real Spanish, you should go there for tapas and beer!

La Barata in Sitges

La Barata, Sitges

Tapas looked really good and were really tasty!

Tapas, Sitges

Tapas in Sitges

Do you have tips for other tapas place in Sitges? Or have you been there? Please, let us know in comments below. Gracias!

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