One-day trips from Barcelona

During my stay in Barcelona I made a couple of one-day trips around. There is the list of them, but if you have a suggestion, please, let me know in comments 🙂 I will update it as soon as possible. Thank you!

  1. Montserrat – one day trip to famous monastery Montserrat, you can comfortable use train (R5 from Plaza Espanya) and Railtrack / nice walk up there 🙂
  2. Sitges – city is situated 40 minutes by train south of Barcelona and can offer beautiful views and beaches, which are not so crowdy as the ones in Barcelona (I wrote about best tapas in Sitges)
  3. Valencia – maybe better for 2 days, but even one is manageable. There are plenty buses going there, price is from 40 euros both way and take around 4 hours one way
  4. Tarragona – city, which is located south of Barcelona. Is available by 1 and half hours long ride by train. Amazing beaches and famous festival Santa Tecla Festival, which is taking place there from 15th until 24th of Sempember each year. You can find more festivals each year, but this is the most famous.
  5. Any more tips about good one-day trip from Barcelona? Does not matter if it is city of hiking path 🙂

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